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Total of 30 days in Database
Visits by hour 0 being 12 am to 23 being 11 pm

 Hour  total Average/Day Hour total Average/Day  Hour  total  Average/Day 
12:00:00 AM342111:00:00 AM22882:00:00 AM29710
3:00:00 AM27694:00:00 AM21975:00:00 AM1866
6:00:00 AM19167:00:00 AM23988:00:00 AM1896
9:00:00 AM215710:00:00 AM201711:00:00 AM1967
12:00:00 PM17761:00:00 PM17962:00:00 PM1635
3:00:00 PM16254:00:00 PM16355:00:00 PM1726
6:00:00 PM18367:00:00 PM19368:00:00 PM1666
9:00:00 PM138510:00:00 PM115411:00:00 PM1405

Average visits per hour 7