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Tangerine Teriyaki Chicken (Dayton’s Find)

1 Cup fresh tangerine juice (from 3 to 5  fruits)		
1/2 Cup soy sauce							
1/3 Cup honey
4 Strips tangerine skin (each 1- ½  by ½ inch)			
2 Cloves garlic crushed						
2 Scallions (white crushed & green thinly sliced)		
1 Cinnamon stick 2 inches long					
2-3 Tablespoon dark roasted sesame oil				
4 Boneless, skinless chicken breasts 		
Boil juice reduce by half.  Add all ingredients except chicken & onion greens, but only 1 tablespoon of the oil.  Continue to cook for 5minutes or so it is syrupy.  Cool to room temperature.  Cover breasts with half of the syrup and let marinade in refrigerator for 2 hours turning occasionally.  Discard  Marinade.  Coat chicken with sesame oil and cook. Near the end of cooking use clean brush and part of the reserve marinade to brush on the chicken for a glaze.  Dip tangerine slices and pineapple slices in the rest of the marinade and grill for a side.  The remaining sauce can be used for a dipping sauce for the chicken.
The chicken can be dressed with the scallion greens and sesame seeds when serving.

***Note:  Be very careful not to cross contaminate reserved marinade/sauce with raw or cooking chicken.  Doing so could make you extremely ill.  Make sure the remaining sauce left from marinating the chicken is tossed out for the same reason.

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