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Who is Becca Cooks! is a family project of Richard and Tanya Healey and their 3 kids James, Rebecca, and Jared. We live in Salt Lake City, Utah where we were all born and raised. Richard Healey is a Web Developer working full time here in Salt Lake and in his spare time finding ways to earn extra money to put the kids though school. The family goal is to earn enough off these side projects to put the kids though school.

Rebecca is the middle child and the only girl in the family. Her hobbies are reading and cooking. She would like to go to cooking school in France. This site was the brain child of her dads but is hers to share and learn recipes. The site is free to use and there is no cost to it. How then do we plan to get the kids though school? The hope is through advertising on the site. We hope that as you visit the site you will spend some time visiting those companies advertised here. But even if you do not we hope you will have fun, and share a recipe with Becca.

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